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About Em

Em is the solo music project by music producer and audio engineer, Emily Wheatcroft-Snape. Em grew up as a songwriter in Tāmaki Makaurau, before studying audio engineering, and working full time in the music industry. In between recording sessions, Em utilises her audio skills to push forward her songwriting into her own projects. 


Em released her debut EP “Dead Roses” in 2020, aimed towards friends, whānau, and introducing her sound to her musical peers. In 2022 she released her follow up EP “Undergrowth”, exploring the general chaos of life as a woman in her twenties. The next phase for Em is the “Tender" EP out June 2023.

As an audio engineer, Emily now works freelance out of Studio 8 at Parachute Studios, and for-hire at Roundhead Studios, Parachute Studios, and Big Fan Studios. Recent artists Emily has worked with include Fazerdaze, Tiny Ruins, Te Kaahu, Louisa Nicklin, and Karl Steven. In 2022 Emily launched the Record Enable initiative which works to increase the visibility, competency, and confidence of women and non-binary people working within New Zealand studio environments.

Em - Cloud City EP (Cover).png

Cloud City EP

I wrote Cloud over Autumn and Winter of this year. It was a really fast and rewarding process. My favourite part of the creative process was collaborating with my friends Manuela and Mackensie to elevate the songs.

Each song holds a really strong memory or feeling for me. It’s really special when songs can be little time capsules to pull me back to a time or a place or a phase in my life.

Tender EP

The 'Tender' EP was written and created over spring 2022 and summer 2023 in my small studio within the Parachute Studios complex. I wrote the songs in my studio using guitar loops, before producing up the world of each song with the help of my friends Manuela Ovalle Herrera and Josh Johnston.


This EP is more simple in it’s production than some of my previous releases. The songs reflect my lived experiences in the moment, and as such I wanted to finish and release them while they still feel relevant to me. I wanted the production aesthetic to reflect the quiet busyness of summer, the melodrama of change, the sincerity of self care, and the muted sadness of the functioning heartbroken person.

Undergrowth EP

Sitting on the forest floor and looking up to find comfort in the songs of the birds, instead of fear in the shadows amongst the trees.

Started late 2020, completed mid 2022, I crafted Undergrowth over a very special time in my life. I started my own business, took time to learn how to be myself, fell in love, found great friends, and reflected on my journey so far. I didn't want to be fearful of losing the good things in my life, I wanted to go in 100% even if that meant being hurt in the future. Undergrowth is about the bravery of accepting and loving yourself where you are at, and loving the things around you as they are, even if you know it won't be this way forever.

DR Cover.png

Dead Roses EP

Released in December 2020, Dead Roses is the debut music project by Emily Wheatcroft-Snape under the artist 'EM'.

Dead Roses was created before, during, and after the New Zealand Covid-19 lockdown in early 2020. The EP reflects on the experiences, friendships, relationships, and fleeting nature of life as a young adult. 

The songs were written, produced, recorded and mixed by Emily, with the drums on 'Real Thing' played and recorded by Angus Grainger, and mastering by Chris Chetland at KOG Studios.

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