The Love and the Fight

The Love and the Fight Cover.jpg

I wrote The Love and the Fight in the summer of 2021. Have you ever had an experience that felt life changing and then come home to your life being the same as you left? This song is my viewpoint of keeping who you are within that struggle.

Recorded at my home studio, and at Parachute Studios. With some bass parts written and played by Amy Boroevich.  The Love and the Fight is one of my favourite songs off the upcoming Undergrowth EP.



Undergrowth Single Cover.jpg

I wrote Undergrowth, the title track of my upcoming EP, in 2020 to help myself feel at peace while being in a place of uncertainty in life. Knowing where I had come from but not knowing what I wanted next or how I could feel satisfied with my decisions. I chose to be present in the uncertainty and enjoy the world around me as it was, not what it could be.

Like sitting on the forest floor and looking up to find comfort in the songs of the birds, instead of fear in the shadows amongst the trees.


With more guitars, real bass, and movement than the last project, this song and the following EP was born with the desire to pick the listener up and help them keep moving forward.


Dead Roses

Released in December 2020, Dead Roses is the debut music project by Emily Wheatcroft-Snape under the artist 'EM'.

Dead Roses was created before, during, and after the New Zealand Covid-19 lockdown in early 2020. 

The EP reflects on the experiences, friendships, relationships, and fleeting nature of life as a young adult. 
The songs were written, produced, recorded and mixed by Emily, with the drums on 'Real Thing' played and recorded by Angus Grainger, and mastering by Chris Chetland at KOG Studios.

Em - Shadows (Visualiser)
Em - Dead Roses (Visualiser)
Em - Electricity (Surround Mix)
Em - Real Thing (Visualiser)

In December 2021 I released my first EP but I always had more to share before I felt finished with it. Over the 2021 Level 4 lockdown I have been able to experiment and be a perfectionist to complete the full package I always wanted for the EP. I don't know if I'll ever be a live artist so being happy with my content is very important, even if that means releasing almost a year later.

I have also re-mixed my song Electricity in surround sound (as best I can with the resources I have at home) and reduced it down so it can be listened to on normal headphones. Mixing Electricity using Logic's surround tools was a journey, but not as much as getting the music video to a place where I'm happy.

A massive thank you to Keeley Lash for your wonderful work on the Electricity video. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented and passionate videographer.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has been supportive and listened to the Dead Roses EP over the past year. It wouldn't have happened without your encouragement so thank you.